c     l     i     e     n     t        l     i     s     t




Celebrities & Producers


Vanessa Williams, Jane Fonda, Shirley Maclaine, Jorga Fox,

Emily Procter, Jean Smart, Michael Clarke Duncan,

Robert Wagner, Ian Anthony Dale, Jenifer Lewis, Alec Mapa, Jane

Lynch, Aimee Teagarden, Lee Merriweather, Vicky Shaw, Jack Plotnick,

Suzanne Westenhoefer, Jennifer Elise Cox, Andrea Meyerson,

Sally Kellerman, JD Disalvatore, Mariah Hanson, George Takei,

China Chow, Bob Mackie, Brianna Stockton,

Queen Noor & Mink Stole.


Bands & Musicians


The Clicks, System of a Down, Daron Malakian, Stun, Betty,

Nina Hagen, Linda Ronstadt, Pat Benatar, Gingger Shankar, Uh-Huh-Her,

Rude Awakening, Shaolin Temple of Boom, Honey, Rocket Ride, Hinge,

Alexia Deluca, Zig Zag Tree, Opus X & Life After God.




Universal, Sony Pictures, MGM, Paramount, Arista, Stan Lee

Media, Saban Entertainment, HBO, 20th Century Fox, Fox Sports, NBC,

ABC, Comedy Central, E! Entertainment,  MTV, Harvey Comics,

Art Rock, Musicland, GRB Entertainment, Tower Records, Speed Vision,

Fred Meyer INC, Blue Light.Com, Whats Hot Now.com, Phillips Arena,

NTRA, Cart, The Coca Cola Company, Anheuser-Busch,

Winter Olympics 2002, Wallache, Elmo & Dorsey, Y&B Balour-

Beverly Hills, Melissa Meister Couture,  Axe Hugger,

Leopard Limos, Brandenberg & Crossroads

Trading Company.




Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harpers Bazaar, Glamour, Marie Clair

Mademoiselle, California Apparel News, In Los Angeles Magazine,

1St Hold, Yolk, Industry Standard, Animation

Magazine & Guitar World.